A Team You Can Be Proud of Representing

Is everyone working together at you present place of employment? In the mortgage industry, we understand that hiring employees does not make a team. Teams come from a common goal communicated through consistent leadership. At McLean Mortgage, the term team is more than a hope. It is part of our culture and our long-term objective.

Being a team helps us to work together to achieve our number one priority which is "first-in-class" service to each and every client. Every team member is dedicated to this purpose. From the day an employee starts, team members are helping them every step of the way — just as we help each client every step of the way throughout the process.

We reward our team for their exemplary service to our clients. From company-wide lunches to awards which include participation in our annual President’s Club trip — everyone is recognized for the part they play as part of the team, including our exemplary support staff. The question is — Do you want to become part of a team that is dedicated to bringing the American Dream of Homeownership to clients in the right way?

Our Guiding Principles
We want to always be appreciative of the opportunity to help our clients.
We want to be a resource and an example, not only for our employees — but for the entire industry as well.
We understand that every one of our employees is an important part of our team and integral in our efforts to build a successful organization.
We always want to keep our doors open to our clients and employees so that they always have an opportunity to be heard.
As we grow, we never want to forget that quality is more important than quantity as an ingredient toward our objectives.
We want to be strong and profitable and use this strength to reward our customers with great prices and choices and our employees with great and rewarding careers.