Financial Strength

McLean Mortgage is a debt free company. Our strong net-worth has led to approval by FHA, VA and Fannie Mae. There are no legacy issues with regard to loans originated that caused the financial crisis because McLean never emphasized subprime or stated income loans. As a matter of fact, 2007 through 2012, no loans originated have defaulted or been asked to be bought back by investors or agencies.

Accessible Production Oriented Executives

The phrase "production oriented" is thrown out by many mortgage companies around the nation. In reality, very few companies really are focused upon closing loans on-time and making it easier for clients in today’s atmosphere of tighter credit and regulation.

The number one requisite for making the process easier is making sure that leadership knows what it is like to be on the front lines. At McLean Mortgage, the executive team is comprised of origination veterans. These veterans not just manage production, but are responsible for operations as well.

At Mclean Mortgage, CEO Pat Peavley and President Nathan Burch have an open door policy. Together they have almost 50 years of industry experience, including 26 years on the front lines of production. Their sales management team adds another 100 plus years of production experience.

Want to provide a better customer service experience? You must understand what that experience is. At McLean Mortgage, we do because we understand what it is like for those experiencing the process as customers.

Seriously Fast Operations

Loans that close on time with the help of top-notch operational support. For a successful loan officer, a loan is more than a paycheck. You are putting your name on the line with a client that is the key to a long-term referral relationship. You either deliver a smooth on-time transaction or risk losing the opportunity for repeat business.

At McLean Mortgage we understand how important your long-term referral sources are to your business model. We not only promise on-time closings, we deliver. Our local underwriters and processors make purchase transactions a priority at all times. In August, 2012 — during the height of the refinance boom — our closing times were approximately 50% less than the average reported by the Mortgage Bankers Association.

The numbers don’t lie. Companies can talk a big game or they can deliver. This is exactly why McLean Mortgage was named one of the top 100 Mortgage Companies in America in 2011 and 2012 — in only our fourth and fifth years in existence. As a matter of fact, the Scottsman Guide listed McLean Mortgage Corporation in 10th place nationally for having five loan officers listed in their top producer category.

Seamless Technology

Technology that makes it easier instead of getting in the way. There is no doubt that technology plays a huge role in the lending business today. Technology has the potential to make life easier on every loan officer and staff member in the industry. On the other hand, technology that does not work right can provide roadblocks to a stress free experience.

At McLean Mortgage we specialize in technology that makes your life easier — including providing a path to an on-time and stress free closing.

A Laptop provided to every originator
On-line pricing system with 24/7 access
Program support with on-line investor matrices
Encompass 360 online origination system
Applications from anywhere, including your own personal MMC website
Instant disclosures with built-in fee templates
Automated marketing support
Strong Products Featuring Great Pricing

Nothing can be more painful for a loan officer to cultivate a relationship over weeks, months or even years and then lose that deal because their competitor has a lower rate. The more this happens the less effective a loan officer will be in the long run. At McLean Mortgage, we understand that being competitive is not just an option, it is a requisite of business. We make sure our loan officers are able to compete by…

Providing a full range of program options. Our loan officers can use our great range of lending options and also might choose to use one of our approved broker sources to make a deal happen. McLean Mortgage also features our unique LoanFirst Program which is designed to attract more Realtor business.
Efficiency. Our advanced secondary techniques bring the best execution prices to our rate sheets.
Flexibility. When our loan officer faces competition, there is the flexibility to make sure they don’t lose the deal.
Marketing and Training Support

Originating is challenging enough without having to be on your own as you source for more business. McLean Mortgage not only gives you the name recognition of one of the top 100 mortgage companies in America, we give you marketing and training support which is first-in-class.

Each loan officer is given an individual website where clients can apply on-line.
Believe in database marketing? Mortgage Returns database software CRM is provided to each and every loan officer.
What good is software without the marketing material? We provide newsletters, articles, emails, flyers, postcards and more.
What good is marketing if you don’t have the time? The marketing programs such as monthly postcards are fully automated.
What good is marketing if your database is not big enough? We give you marketing training teaching you how to identify, grow and service a larger sphere.
All McLean Mortgage loan officers have access to OriginationPro’s Certified Mortgage Advisor Program. There are many mortgage companies in America that like to claim their loan officers are experts. Very few are committed to giving their sales force the training to make it happen.

From coaching to technology to marketing materials, McLean Mortgage will be partnering with you every step of the way to help you increase your revenue. Is your present employer helping you do that?

Commission Plan

At McLean Mortgage, we value our sales force and are committed to helping them achieve their income potential. This includes an aggressive commission plan which highlights an absence barriers for loan officers to achieve a higher commission level. The absence of volume tiers that might penalize a loan officers for one off month are one example of our commitment to help you make more income.

First Class Benefits

The most important benefit of being part of the McLean Mortgage team is being part of an organization which is small enough that you can walk into the President’s office at any time. But being part of a smaller and nimble organization does not mean that you have to sacrifice any of the benefits you would receive from a mega-firm.

McLean Mortgage has grown to a top 100 lender in the nation with over $1 billion in production annually by taking care of its customers AND its team members. Our benefits include:

Strong medical, dental and vision insurance packages
Long-term disability as well as life insurance options
A 401K plan with company match
Licensing support
Company paid annual awards trip for top producers
Laptop provided with powerful database/CRM software
Marketing materials and training
Help with assistants for top producers